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Here are the state of things! 

First off, I decided to try out the Patreon idea. I created my own Patreon page (made goals, reward tiers, etc) and have it up for anyone who wants to assist me with funding. As of now I am out of job which is why I decided to go and create the page. However, I created it with the intention of it simply being a side source- I want it to be 100% optional with a mild perk to it for actually using your hard earned money to fund my work (which is a 1 week early showing of the scene before I post it elsewhere). One thing I don't like, however, is forcing on the people that have been following you (like those that showcase it behind the Patreon wall). I get that they use it as their source of income, and I understand it... I just don't think it's something that needs to be absolutely forced. Should this Patreon idea ever take off and actually reach a point where I can make more of a full time job, I won't make it like many artists do on the site... it will always be something that's optional- the art is meant to be a hobby and enjoyed by those that actually see something in what I can do, that's more than I could ask for. 

Here is the Patreon if anyone reading is interested. Remember, it's totally optional with the perk of seeing the art a week early

Secondly, I am having a ton of fun animating the next piece of the trailer... and to be honest when I started the animating I thought "good god this is complex for my mind"... then I realized that just thinking it through made it so much easier... 

This session I've been going through today has seen 2 rough drafts going along for this scene. I scrapped both and am so far very pleased with the 3rd outcome. Even though it isn't finished just yet, it looks much more fluid and stylized than the previous 2 attempts! For me, the challenge in animating are the feet- moving them in sync with the pelvis to propel the model forward (walking or running) is so difficult to get looking either normal or in a certain style. This animation doesn't only include the model moving forward... the model is jumping from point to point (like up large stairs) at a fast past and jumping down from the other side with a flip... yeah, for me that's complicated xD. 

Anyway, the trailer is almost done! I say almost because there are, I think, 7 more scenes to create and animate- 5 of the 7 are very fast 1 second shots (goes with the soundtrack I am using). 

I'll post this animation as a WIP when it is completed just as a buffer post until the animation is either done or I come up with another idea to make. 

Thirdly, I've noticed that my creative side of my brain is running low on the idea shelf. The Fourth Planet was a fluke, to be honest... the idea came up out of nowhere. I initially wanted to make a still frame of Star Fox and Star Wolf fighting in space... however I wasn't able to create a space background that worked for the scene nor was I able to get it looking correctly, so I went with a planet as the backdrop, THEN I remembered that I was taught in cinematic effects (like bloom, glare, Depth of Field, etc). I scrapped the battle idea and channeled my inner photographer and made The Fourth Planet because ominous shadows in front of a realistically illuminated planet are awesome! Quite honestly, I was shocked with how the scene turned out! The lighting was rather easy considering VRAY is so damn good at rendering light and caustics (seriously, put an untextured cube in a scene with a VRAY light behind it and it looks like it's real). On top of that, the alien planet texture that user kvikki made some time ago came in handy since using an Earth texture was much too profound and identifiable.  

Anyway... the point I am trying to make is that I'm running out of ideas to make... the whole idea behind this hobby was pretty much to make Star Fox fan art, but now I am at a loss for what to make... I have been considering moving into more fan art types... one being Ratchet and Clank since their models are both available and the scenarios for them can be, quite literally, anything. I'm even considering just going directly into furry art... I don't see myself as a furry account since I have only done Star Fox related scenes. I get they are identified by the idea of anthro characters being affiliated with the fandom, I don't see it as a furry thing, though. Regardless, models are out there, I can model my own, and even rig them so maybe, should I simply run dry of ideas for Star Fox I can balance it with just normal art for the fandom and other fandoms. 

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you all soon in the next scene I make and probably on my Patreon! 

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February 22