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If you're wondering why I keep doing Star Wars themed Star Fox posts, it's because I have had the sudden urge to write a FanFiction for Star Fox that has a Star Wars theme to it (as in the stuff in the movies never happened here). 

ANYWAY! I wanted to do a saber animation, so I thought why not do a little one with the Krystal model and have her ignite the blade. It's simple, but I love how it turned out! But, while I was working on this I came across a completely new idea that would use this small scene. I'm posting this now to showcase what I was initially doing, but you will be seeing it again soon with this new, IMPROVED idea I came up with. 

Scene Specs! 

Build Time- One day of animating 
Render Time- 5 hours for the smoke
Scene Render Time- 3 days? I think? I lost count... it was a while... 
Post Work- about 2 days 

Rendered in VRAY 3D Studio 2016 
Post Work in Photoshop CS3 

Krystal is copyright Nintendo 
Model by Charley_Fox and Little Dragon 
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DragonStar731 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Student Filmographer
Krystal is one sexy jedi master ;3
Kulcheck Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017
rather large on my screen, but well done none the less. ^_^
jon3s115 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Yeah I knew this would a problem the second it posted xD ... since I am unable to post videos here, Flash is the only thing I can do, and when uploading in the native video res it appears pretty huge xD 

Hopefully I can get the ability to post videos sooner or later (if ever). 

Thanks for the comment, mate! 
Kulcheck Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017
No problem. ^_^
HectorNY Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist
Nice effects there.
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